Festival Artists

Chiara Sophia Heuser

Voice / Switzerland

The swiss soprano Chiara Sophia Heuser began her musical education at the age of seven. Starting with violin and piano lessons, she soon engaged also in singing lessons. After graduating from high school and completing the music precollege in Basel, Chiara studied classical singing at the Zurich University of the Arts between 2017 and 2022, under the supervision of Lina Maria Åkerlund. Her Bachelor of Arts degree was followed by a Master of Arts in vocal pedagogy, which she completed with the highest grade. She was awarded a prize for her pedagogical achievements by the Werner and Berti Alter Foundation.
For many years, Chiara has performed on stage as a soloist as well as in ensembles, often accompanying herself on the piano. In addition to classical music, her repertoire ranges from pop and jazz to musical. Through numerous roles, e.g. in an opera production of the Zurich University of the Arts or a solo part in “Stabat Mater” from Pergolesi, she already gained valuable stage experience with an orchestra.
Today Chiara runs a private voice class and pursues several choral conducting projects in Basel. She is a member of the Swiss Music Pedagogical Association and from summer 2023 she will be engaged as a singing teacher at a Regional Music School in the Basel area.