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About us


Objective of the music course

  • Private lessons for all Instruments
  • Intensive development of Solo, Chamber Music and Orchestral playing
  • Acquiring of Concert experience
  • Preparation of Concerts
  • Make and maintain friendships across cultural and national borders


  • Daily private lessons for all instruments
  • Orchestra rehearsals
  • House concerts for all participants
  • Masterclass
  • Preparation for concerts
  • Group music Theory for pianists
  • For all instruments: lessons with correpetitor
  • Second instrument according to possibility and need


  • Children, Young Adults as well as Older, Music enthusiasts
  • For Beginners, Advanced and Professionals
  • Love for the Music

Camp Life

  • Accommodation will be at Hotel Seaside
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Hotel Seaside
  • Individual or communal practice time
  • Outdoor Activities including Sports, Hiking and day Trips
  • Fresh alpine air and wonderful views over the Alps

1. Woche

  • Audition for Academy, and Festival Orchestra
  • Private Lessons
  • Chamber Music
  • Orchestra Rehearsals
  • Concert Preparation

2. Woche

  • Masterclasses
  • Private Lessons
  • Chamber Music
  • Orchestra Rehearsals
  • Concert Preparation
  • Concerts

3. Woche

  • Private Lessons
  • Chamber Music
  • Orchestra rehearsals
  • Concerts

Camp Rules

In order to offer all participants an optimal learning and camp experience, the Goppisberg Music Festival and Academy have adopted the following “Camp Rules”.

The following:

1. Punctual participation at Music Lessons as well as at the Rehearsals and Concerts

2. Keep the Hotel House Rules

3. 17 year olds and younger must be in the Hotel at 10.00pm, older participants at 12.00pm

4. No Alcohol for Minors

5. The Artistic Director decides where and when the students will be performing at the public concerts


Since 1991, the music camp has taken on an international character, as guest teachers and participants from Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, Russia, Germany, Armenia, USA, Norway, Bulgaria, Italy and Belgium have been teaching since then, as well as music students from these countries take part in the course. Deborah Spiegel has been the new artistic director since 2007. She is supported by her parents Piroska Spiegel Nyffenegger (management / organization) and Bruno Nyffenegger Spiegel (technical management).

In the small village of Goppisberg in the Aletsch region of the Canton of Valais violinist Katharina Hardy founded
in the summer of 1987 music weeks for children and young people with a serious motivation to play music, the
music weeks henceforth bearing the name of this romantic village.
Katharina Hardy was guided by the idea of intensively developing the instrumental skills of young talents during
the school vacations. In the first years, the music weeks were held in the village of Goppisberg itself, but with an
increasing number of participants, the location became too small. Therefor the venue of the Goppisberg Music
Weeks was relocated to other places in the Upper Valais. The old name, however, remained, referring to the early
This year, the music festival will be held in the idyllic town of Spiez

In the following years the camp took place in the following locations:

1990 – 1993 Rhone Gletscher, Hotel Belvedere

1994 – 1996 Simplon – Kulm, Hotel Bellevue

1997 – 2006 Grächen, Hotel Sonne und Hotel Abendruh

2007 fand kein Lager statt

2008 Grächen, Hotel Sonne, Hotel Abendruh und Gruppenhaus Ausblick

2009 – 2012 Grächen, Hotel Sonne, Hotel Abendruh und Gruppenhaus Santa Fee

2013 Grächen, Hotel Sonne und Hotel Abendruh und Gruppenhaus Ausblick

2014 – 2015 Grächen, Hotel Sonne und Hotel Abendruh und Hotel Des Alpes

2016 Grächen, Hotel Alpina, Hotel Sonne und Pension Abendruh

2017 – 2019 Spiez Hotel Seaside

2020 infolge Corona Virus abgesagt

2021 – Spiez Hotel Seaside



Bank: AEK Bank Thun 1826
IBAN Nr.: CH48 0870 4048 2933 7410 9


Ildiko Piroska Nyffenegger
Goppisberger Musikwochen
Stadlerstr. 171
CH 8404 Winterthur

or via

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Concerts in 2024

July 28th

Castle Church Spiez

5pm – Schlossstrasse 17, 3700 Spiez

July 31st

reformed Church Meiringen

7.30pm – Kirchgasse 19, 3860 Meiringen

August 2nd

reformed Church Grindelwald

8.15pm – Dorfstrasse 202, 3818 Grindelwald

August 6th

Castle Church Interlaken

8pm – Lindenallee 10, 3800 Interlaken

August 7th

reformed Church Spiez

7.30pm – Kirchgasse 5, 3700 Spiez

August 10th

Zwingli Church Winterthur Mattenbach

5pm – Unterer Deutweg 13, 8400 Winterthur

August 11th

Prediger Church Zurich

5pm – Zähringerplatz 6, 8001 Zürich

House concerts and Workshops 2024

Saturday, July 27th 1. House concert 2 pm

Sunday, August 4th 2. House concert 2 pm

Friday, August 9th 3. House concert 2 pm

cath. Church Spiez

For Copyright reasons, sound,video and image recording are not permitted.



Pictures: Bruno Nyffenegger, Martin Masan

Thank you to all our sponsors, because without you we could not carry out the festival in this form.


Sponsors since 1990

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Jubiläumsstiftung der Von Roll Holding AG

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Gemeinde Spiez und Tourismus Spiez

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Stiftung für die Region – Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw

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Speziellen Dank an die Gemeinden Spiez, Interlaken, Grindelwald und Tourismus Spiez  und dem Hotel Seaside in Spiez